Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Watch out for Rider Thieves

The finger-pointing is usually directed at drivers. We've heard riders put blame on drivers for not returning lost personal items. But aside from this, there are some riders who intentionally remove personal items outside of ridesharing vehicles

These riders make it blatantly obvious, leaving behind straps that hold these phone chargers in place. For the most part, they likely planned to steal these phone chargers. As a result of rider actions, drivers must do their best to not leave around their valuables that may get stolen.

Riders attempt to flip the script, pinning loss personal items on drivers. Some riders have taken it up a notch, complaining to ridesharing companies that drivers refuse to return their personal items. However, riders are stealing expensive phone chargers from vehicles.   

Do you know riders that drivers spend their money, out of their ride earnings, to purchase these phone chargers? Why sink low to remove these chargers? You are ruining it for other riders. Drivers may wise up soon; they won't offer phone chargers to juice-up rider phones. 

Don't leave valuable personal items out in the open. Safeguard bags, laptops, tablets, wallets, sunglasses, phone chargers, phones, and other personal items. Because ridesharing users invite their friends to ride with them, these co-riders may also take personal items belonging to drivers.  

Protect personal items with care, especially expensive phone chargers that may cost $30 per cord. Secure these phone chargers, plug them in USB ports upfront. Most drivers are honest, they return personal items to riders personally, or visit company offices to make drop-offs. On the flip side, we can't the same about riders who purposely removed personal items from ridesharing vehicles.