Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Uber removes star rating monitoring

Uber dashboard allowed for daily, monthly and yearly monitoring of Uber driver star ratings. All of a sudden, Uber has removed dashboard access - throwing transparency out of the window. Uber drivers can no longer view their star ratings in real-time. Unlike Lyft drivers who receive daily reports, Uber drivers are left in the dark. Uber dashboard now only shows the number of trips completed and the amount of fares earned in a given time frame: daily, weekly and yearly.

As you know, Uber is all about the client. Uber won't enforce policies to punish abusive clients, instead they would rather reply back with the same generic emails claiming they'll take client issues seriously. However, clients continue abusing Uber drivers, such as coercing drivers into driving them again, telling drivers to speed, run red lights, and cutoff pedestrians, and bad-mouthing drivers whenever any Uber app issues occur.

This Uber dashboard kept drivers in the loop. Now without this star rating access, Uber drivers are at the mercy of unethical clients. These drivers are expected to conform to entitled clients. Uber clients can wait to rate later, when future trips can change the perception of past trips. Another Uber driver can give poor service, which could result in a client submitting a low score to a previous driver.

Uber support tells their drivers not to worry about clients submitting low stars. They ensure drivers that performing good service can/will improve their overall star rating. However, they do nothing to inform clients that abusing the rating system - in an attempt to harm drivers - may result in removal from the Uber platform. If Uber drivers treated their clients the way they've been treated, they would eventually get deactivated. Uber clients are protected like royalty.

In our opinion, Uber clients are far too valuable to Uber. Therefore, Uber support may tell Uber drivers what they want to hear. Uber relies on drivers to give rides, but depend on clients to maintain trip volume. Driver commission and safe ride fees make Uber millions in annual revenue. The primary goal is to keep drivers and clients happy.

Removing real-time access to star ratings cheat drivers. Uber drivers can't review daily, weekly, monthly and annual star ratings. Before this recent change, drivers could monitor their performance. We feel that Uber drivers deserve better treatment.