Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Uber changed background check vendor to Checkr

Uber background checks are necessary to instill safety in the ride community. The main reason Uber is popular is because clients trust using their ride services. People must trust or the ridesharing system goes bust. It is that simple.

Uber recently changed their background check vendor from Hirease to Checkr, a third party security/background check company based out of San Francisco. According to Google Map images, it appears this corporate office is run out of an old dumpy condo. We're sure this company has a better office setup inside. What matters most is their primary services are conducted via website

Today, Uber emailed final requests to grant Checkr permission to conduct new background checks. If drivers ignore this final request, Uber noted that their Partner accounts could get waitlisted.

Existing Partners, those who completed thousands upon thousands of trips, are also receiving this notice, too. What does this say about Uber?

Instead of asking Partners for their help to conduct new background checks under a new third party vendor, the mighty ride giant is using waitlisting as a coercive tactic to speed-up this process. This is an absolute fail. Uber is disrespecting their hard working drivers to perform a simple operation.

In the Partner dashboard, this background check consent can requested as a task to do. Show a deadline underneath this request, informing drivers they are conducting new background checks using a different vendor and this is an urgent process. Share the urgency from the beginning rather than use fear tactics such as waitlisting Partner accounts to put drivers in financial ordeals.