Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Simple Process to Become Uber Driver and Get $300 after 20 trips

Earning extra money has never been so easy to earn. The ridesharing movement sweeping the globe is referred to as ridesharing services. People such as yourself can become a ridesharing driver, joining ride technology companies Uber, Lyft and Sidecar to make primary and/or secondary income.

The first two companies are most notable among the ride community, whereas Sidecar is an extremely small player who shifted their pool of drivers to provide delivery services. All in all, ridesharing users choose preference for their daily travels. 

However, these riders may opt to use any and/or all three ridesharing services once fare multiples activate in result of high demand and low supply. It really depends on fare pricing at a given moment. The cost of convenience and opportunity dictate ridesharing usage.

Uber is the top ridesharing company in the world. Since we just entered 2016, what better way to make extra money than to become an independent contractor and drive with Uber. You make your own hours. Develop personal strategies to empower yourself. Pick the areas you want to service. 

Uber gives their drivers all the flexibility they desire. No boss is going to argue with you. You make your results, rather than relying on poor management to witness your worth. Ridesharing services explose drivers to everyday people. The thrill of meet new friends and business connections can inspire drivers to become full-time service providers. Make money, but have fun doing it! 

Have you ever received low marks for teamwork, when you in fact you demonstrate high production in this category? No more explaining yourself to clueless managers. Ridesharing is all about you. 

Give many rides, receive good ratings and feedback, accept a high percentage of requests and work a good amount of hours on the ride platform. If you follow this script, you will deliver the results that Uber highly respects. Self-value, self-empowerment, self-respect, time management, and other fulfilling skills and traits can be refined and fine-tuned on the Uber ride platform.

Step 1. Determine whether you want to lease vehicle and/or use your own personal vehicle.
Step 2. Use the appropriate link below - lease or use your own car. Must use referral link to be considered for $300 bonus after 20 trips. Visit here with your personal ride. Go here to lease under Uber.
Step 3. Get qualified via background check.
Step 4. Get ridesharing auto insurance to get fully protected as a ridesharing driver.
Step 5. Get activated. Live in Bay Area? Go to Uber locations to get activated.
Step 6. Request Uber phone (requires deposit and weekly data fee). Opt-in for best option - ask for Uber driver app download to use personal phone.
Step 7. Get free Uber vehicle inspection to activate ride. This can be done at any Uber location and/or Uber headquarters.
Step 8. Get on the road and complete 20 trips. On average, 20 trips can be completed on a busy weekend night and/or in two days of driving.
Step 9. Receive $300 bonus in next Partner deposit the following week.
Step 10. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. 

Ready to become an Uber Partner? Want to make a $300 bonus after completing 20 trips? Completing 20 trips on the Uber platform and earning a $300 bonus is as simple as 1-2-3... Visit here to qualify you for the $300 bonus after 20 trips are completed. If you don't have a vehicle which qualifies, you can lease a car under Uber's XChange Leasing Program. Visit here to apply.