Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Report broken doors, windows, dents, and other damage

Ridesharing drivers accept a lot of risk transporting riders. They may transport violent riders, rude riders, angry riders. These riders may pose a risk to damage ridesharing vehicles. Because some of these riders are drunk and/or are running late, they take their anger out on ridesharing vehicles. Don't allow any vehicle damage to go unreported.

Unfortunately, some riders may display destructive behavior. As you've seen on the news, a ridesharing user attempted to break an Uber driver's face. In past rides, riders leave behind awful messes that require extensive cleaning. Then, there are riders who have broken door handles that cost the driver nearly a thousand dollars to repair - multiple parts and labor required, and days missed. 

After completing trips, ridesharing drivers should quickly inspect their internal vehicles. If all of a sudden a door doesn't open, keep a record of this damage. Remember a past rider being aggressive with the backdoor? Slamming the door and/or trunk excessively hard? Keep a record of this: date, time and exact rider, if known 

There are ways, in the driver app, to report these riders for inflicting damage on your personal vehicles and/or leases. You don't have to be paranoid that riders are out to ruin your vehicle. Just keep an eye on the obvious damage, such as broken windows, broken door handles, and additional damages. 

Though riders don't usually damage ridesharing vehicles, there is a very small percentage of riders who act before they think. These riders must be reported to protect future drivers. If any violent situations occur, notify the proper authorities and report this event to the appropriate ridesharing platform. We must work together to keep ridesharing moving forward.