Sunday, January 03, 2016

Pin Drops Creating Pickup Problems

Uber pin drops are a hit or miss. In the past month, this pin drop is plotting clients several blocks and even a few miles off from intended pickup addresses. As a result of this, Uber clients are blaming Uber drivers for showing-up at another pickup address. This Uber platform issue is likely causing some drivers to receive low stars and poor feedback.

How can we resolve this pin drop issue? Until Uber revises this request address feature, Uber clients may find that inputting an exact address, two intersecting roads, landmark, restaurant, club, bar, hotel, motel, and other places with exact addresses, can/will reduce pickup problems. Whereas the Uber platform doesn't permit clients to revise pickup addresses, clients can send a text and/or call to notify drivers of this pin drop issue.

Essentially, this pin drop issue and clients choosing to not input exact addresses impact driver earnings. The more time wasted, the more money drivers lose. Remember, drivers don't get paid unless they drive you. Quite a few clients don't mind making their drivers wait and/or go on wild goose chases to find them in a busy downtown region.

Luckily, drivers have the freedom to cancel trips and receive cancellation fees for wrong addresses inputted, destinations put as pickup addresses, and pin drops plotted blocks, miles and cities away.

In recent time, we've heard of many pin drop issues. Prior to the holiday season, pin drops were precise and wouldn't lead drivers into distant neighborhoods to wait for no-show clients.

Uber, drivers, and clients can all work together to improve the pin drop/pickup address issues.