Thursday, January 14, 2016

New and Existing Uber Partners Must Undergo New Background Check under Checkr

Uber switched their background check vendor to San Francisco-based company Checkr. We have no problems with this change, because the public is pushing for the safest drivers. Nevertheless, Uber must make it known that safety is most important to their mission.

What bothers us is that passengers put the drivers at risk. Uber drivers have no idea who these passengers are, especially their co-riders. These riders have been known to remove personal items outside of vehicles. Some riders display violent and threatening behavior. Uber clients request rides for all types of people, even those they don't know. This is a safety risk here. 

The thing that frustrates us the most is pressuring their Partners to authorize Checkr to conduct new background checks using waitlist driver accounts as a threat. Partners are expected to grant Checkr approval to conduct this new background check or risk temporary deactivation. This means existing drivers won't be able to get on the road and make money.  

This morning, a Veteran Uber driver shared receiving an email arrived that states their background check is pending and soon they can get on the road. The Uber driver is already an active driver who have completed thousands of rides. 

In this email, they indicate the driver can upload new documents to speed up the application process. Head-scratching moment here. This Uber driver has been active on the Uber platform with no incidents. 

What is Uber personnel doing in their HQ? Please tell us. Existing Uber drivers are already active drivers. They've helped Uber become a competitive force within the ride community.

Please implement a better notification system; there is a driver dashboard available to notify/update existing Partners of new updates and changes. Requesting material as if these drivers are new to Uber is disrespectful, to say the least.   

On another note, we feel for taxi drivers. Their safety is always at risk. Picking up hailing riders could result in injury, as well as more unsettling situations. All this risk for a low-paying job.