Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Increase Vitamin C intake to weather the storm

Sick Uber clients are known to cough a storm. They rarely cover their mouths. One female client kept coughing and sneezing to the point in which her droplets and phlegm projected onto the driver. This driver started feeling under the weather, but took Airborne and drank OJ to get better.

Uber drivers don't get paid for missing time. They're not considered Uber employees, but make Uber possible. If drivers get sick, they lose money. It up to drivers to stay healthy.

Under tough conditions, clients increase the likelihood that drivers will eventually get sick. Eat right, drink plenty of fluids, take vitamins and increase Vitamin C intake to appropriate levels.

Ask your physician how much Vitamin C is right to improve your immune system. During the Winter months, people are sick with colds, flus and other contagious health conditions. Prepare yourself to withstand these germs and remain active on the road.

Uber on!