Sunday, January 03, 2016

How to fix Uber clients making drivers wait?

Uber drivers do a lot of waiting. They sit and wait for rides. They drive and search for new requests. What about the Uber drivers waiting outside of a pickup address?

Clients notify their driver via text to wait, they'll be out in a few minutes. The time passes, and another text message arrives to wait another 5 minutes. Then, again the client requests the driver they will be out in a few minutes. After 25 minutes of waiting, the driver is heated but must remain professional once their client decides to come out of hiding.

Uber drivers lose money because clients have nothing to worry about. Clients are empowered to treat Uber drivers as peasants. They make ridesharing services tough for Uber drivers. With every three great clients, there is at least one bad client requesting a ride. Unfortunately, these bad clients get a kick out of stepping on their Uber drivers. They gladly do this imprinting on Uber driver faces.

On another occasion, a rich tech guy and his foul mouth wife made an Uber driver wait 30 minutes outside of an Atherton home owned by some Google employee. He kept walking outside with his wine glass in hand to thank the driver for waiting. He checked-in out on the driver every 5 minutes to thank him. Meanwhile, this Uber driver received no pay, no compensation for waiting like a fool. He could have cancelled this ride and received a $5 cancellation fee.

After finally driving with these schmucks, this Uber driver realized he should've cancelled and earned the minimum of $4 after safe ride fee. This driver made a whopping $4 after Uber commission and safe ride fee. This client, his over crazed wife (cursing a storm and sharing explicit sexual experiences), and friend wasted 40 minutes of this driver's time. If this driver didn't have so much compassion for his Uber clients, he would have cancelled even after making contact with his client.

Uber drivers are not in business to wait. They can't wait unless the trip starts. However, Uber drivers are not permitted to start trips without verifying clients. This operation puts a stake in drivers, turning them into mindless zombies. All drivers do is wait, wait, and wait to react.

How can Uber fix this waiting issue involving clients delaying drivers before a trip is started? First and foremost, adopt some of Lyft's principles and start trips the moment a driver reaches a pickup address. Start penalizing clients for inputting wrong addresses, dropping pins in the Bay and not contacting drivers ahead of time, and making drivers wait for them to get ready. These attitudes puzzle us!

Why do clients request rides while they're still dining? Why do they request trips while still on Bart a few stops away? Make drivers wait outside of high risk areas to receive citations? Clients display terrible actions which put drivers on the meat hook.

Uber must address this waiting issue. Their drivers are losing money. This typical client behavior frustrates their drivers so much that they choose to drive less and/or not at all.

Uber drivers respect their clients. They appreciate their business. Without them, there is no Uber. However, mutual respect goes a long way. Clients should show courtesy using the Uber platform. Most of these clients don't even know they get rated. But aside from that, Uber clients continue to make drivers wait because there is no penalty involved in the process.

Starting trips the moment a driver arrives is the best way to combat extended waiting times. If drivers make mistakes, they have to end trips and drive their clients for free. Why not the inverse to charge clients for making drivers wait long than expected without any compensation?

Want to make your drivers wait for you? Request them to start your trip so they can make at least $.20-$.26 per minute. It is not much money for drivers to wait, but at least it is something for their time. Clients get mad if a driver doesn't end the trip within a few seconds. They never think the driver traveled 10-20 minutes to retrieve them and waited outside 10 minutes. Their driver didn't get paid for those 20-30 minutes.

Ride profilers exist since clients created these monsters. As you can see above, clients seem to not care about making their drivers wait for them. There is no repercussion to keep drivers waiting. What if the Uber system begins the trip the moment drivers reach a pickup address? If the client is at another location, then their mistake to not contact the driver will cost them money.

Please Uber clients, do your best to be ready. If you can't get ready within the time the driver is traveling to your pickup address (10-25 minutes), then this shows a lack of respect. Pin drop issues are easily identifiable on the app interface. As a client, you are fully aware of this address ahead of time. Send a text and/or call driver to inform them this is the wrong requested address. Don't wait to figure this out after your drive drove 20 minutes and waited another 5 minutes to drive you.

Request Uber when you are ready to take the ride. If you are not ready, then tell the driver to begin the trip. This way, your Uber driver won't be losing money and your cost to make them wait is very minimal. To make an Uber driver wait, you will only pay $.20-.26 per minute. It is a small price to pay.

Pin drop issues and wrong pickup addresses should be dealt with while the driver is en route. In some extreme cases, some clients requesting rides from 40-50 miles out tell the driver they are at the wrong pickup address. No wonder drivers get mad with these clients. Some clients lack common courtesy to inform their driver of this mistake early on.

Beginning trips at the moment a driver arrives at a pickup address could reduce waiting time. When clients are on the click, they rush to save money. Airplanes won't wait for passengers. Dinner reservations will be handed off to another guest. Taxis will leave you behind. You won't be happy with drivers taking longer to reach your pickup address.

Please do your best to improve on waiting time issues. Uber drivers are independent contractors with the freedom to cancel trips if clients are not ready after 5 minutes.