Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hey Uber Clients, "We don't know your phone number"

Whenever a driver and client meet and become friends, they tell the driver to contact them using the information on the system. When clients call drivers, they assume their contact information is available on the Uber app. It is not.

Do Uber clients realize that drivers don't have this access to this private information? Probably not. Just for your information Uber clients, drivers never see your personal information. They don't know your last name, your cell number and don't have access to your home address and email address.

If you make friends with Uber drivers, the only way to make contact is exchanging personal information. No personal client information is available on the app. Only Uber sees this information.

Phone numbers from Southern California and the Midwest have been used as switchboard numbers to allow driver/client contact. If you noticed, the same phone numbers arrive from drivers and clients.

Hey Uber clients, drivers don't know your personal information. You can relax. If you want to make friends with an Uber driver, exchange contact information. It is unavailable on the Uber app.