Thursday, January 07, 2016

Existing and Connecting Riders Post Trip Conflict

UberPool and LyftLine function as carpooling services. This carpool service is requested under the main ridesharing app. Existing and connecting riders may make carpooling a negative experience.

UberPool may allow three riders to connect in one trip. Given this information, any of these three riders and/or co-rider(s) can display poor behavior during these trips.

UberPool and LyftLine users must watch out to avoid any violent riders. These tough riders do exist, which concerns us that entitlement and obnoxious behavior are a recipe for disaster.

In the past few months, an UberPool user shared that another drunk rider acted belligerent and this scared them. Eventually, the Uber client quietly requested the Uber driver to drop them off. He then requested an UberX to transport his wife and him to their downtown San Francisco hotel.

In another UberPool trip, an Uber client requested an Uber 9 times. Out of these 9 requests, he canceled each and every trip. Then, this unconnected client called the driver to threaten him for accepting these requests and told him to get to his house right away or else he would do something to him.

This scared another UberPool rider occupying the Uber ride. The rider got concerned, sharing that they should consider not picking this deranged rider up. His Uber driver agreed the 10th request would be ignored and they would try their best to leave this area. Lucky for them, this troubled Uber client was out of range to request this vehicle a 10th time.

Uber should not allow a client to request the same vehicle more than 3 times. After 3 requests, this client request should be kicked out to another driver. It is unfair to expect drivers to keep dealing with the same obnoxious riders, especially potentially violent riders who act entitled and irresponsible.

What kind of people would display this type of behavior? Drunk clients who lack respect for ridesharing companies act this way. They are toxic riders who need to get booted from ride platforms.

The next time you join in on UberPool and/or LyftLine, don't settle for less. If you ride with an extremely drunk rider(s) and they display troubling behavior, kindly request your driver to stop the ride in a safe place and get out. Report this to Uber and/or Lyft. Order another ride to your destination. Request a refund for the troubled trip. Always keep safety in mind.