Thursday, January 07, 2016

Cardio Exercises Key to Stay Fit as Drivers

Ridesharing driving is viewed as fun and profitable. However, drivers mostly sit inside their personal vehicles transporting clients, waiting for ride requests, driving to take breaks and/or returning home. Hence, the majority of ridesharing drivers are sitting in their driver seat. Maybe hazard pay is required for all siting jobs, since workers are risking their future health planted in a seat.

Research has shown that it is unhealthy to sit in the same spot for hours at a time, without at least standing up to stretch out and promote healthy blood flow. Cardio exercises may help drivers to get fit while taking part in ridesharing work, but keep in mind we are not healthcare professionals that are qualified to recommend fitness regimes to lead your health. This post is merely a call to action for drivers to understand that possible health effects of constant sitting, as well as limited motion, exist.

No ridesharing app company is offering free gym memberships to get drivers in shape. As independent contractors, drivers must find motivation to stay in shape and keep moving rather than increase their risk of developing health complications. It is a great idea to pause after an X amount of rides. Get out of your vehicle and walk around, stretch your legs and arms, breathe accordingly. There are many public parks around the Bay Area, so empower these peaceful places to promote daily exercise.

Warehouse jobs provide their employees with free gym memberships. They encourage their workers to stay fit, because ultimately the success of their company relies on healthy employees. Unhealthy workers spark external health issues resulting in missed workdays and workplace injuries.

Gym memberships are exclusive merit rewards to encourage health and wellbeing. What ridesharing companies are missing is that their drivers, who are independent contractors, are sitting in their vehicles for long periods of time and this can cause numerous health issues. Read a past post of ours to learn about possible health effects of ridesharing work here.

Cardio exercises may improve driver overall health condition to keep them on the road. Jump roping, running, jogging, walking, cardio gym machines, jumping jacks, and other cardio exercises may improve your endurance. In spite of physical health awareness, there is a possibility that sick riders may spread germs inside ridesharing vehicles and this can expose unhealthy drivers to viruses and bacterias. A simple cold/flu can linger on, influencing drivers to miss valuable work time.

See a health professional to develop a positive plan of action to stay fit. Cardio exercises may help ridesharing drivers maintain strict physical and psychological standards. Ridesharing may be viewed as fun and financially beneficial, but there are an array of obstacles/challenges that can compromise this effort.

Ridesharing drivers, please do yourself a favor and focus on multiple ways to keep healthy. Driving people around is assumed to be relaxing; however, there is more to ridesharing than you can imagine. Sitting, waiting and driving for long periods of time could in fact be detrimental to your health.

Ridesharing companies should consider forming a partnership with gyms to offer discounts and/or free gym memberships to promote good health. Ride production depends on healthy drivers.

***We are an informative ridesharing website. We're not healthcare professionals. Please consult your physician to request information on cardio exercises. Read this article at your own risk. Don't perform any cardio exercises without checking with your physician first, because overexerting yourself without understanding personal health, such as underlying health conditions, could result in injury and/or death. Be cautious and stay informed on health.