Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Bay Area Taxi Driver claims Uber will sink soon

A recent Uber passenger, who is in fact a former Uber driver and a current taxi driver, shared his opinion on Uber. His personal opinion of Uber is their rein on ridesharing services will soon come to an end. He speculates the California court decision next week is aiming to disrupt Uber, closing their operations for good.

The Uber driver transporting this taxi driver disagreed that Uber would be fall apart. Too many people depend on Uber to get around. No way in the world would Uber allow any force to shut their doors.

The taxi driver claimed that driving with Uber is not worth the effort. He shared that drivers must wait an entire week to get paid for trip completed in the previous week. Fares are way too cheap. Constant driving will deteriorate vehicles. At times, drivers may wait 9 days to receive compensation for rides given on Monday morning after 4am. It is much tougher to duplicate past earnings.

Moreover, this taxi driver pointed to Square payment processing that pays him out his credit card earnings in 1 day. Cash fares provide instant access to earnings.

This taxi driver said that drivers like him receive up to 30% tips, whereas Uber drivers are rarely tipped at all. It appears Uber is not motivated to integrate a tipping feature. Their drivers are losing thousands upon thousands per year. Lyft drivers receive tips from 60% of their riders.

There are many disappointed Uber drivers who devoted their New Year's Eve the past few years, only to not see decent surge pricing activated. Reducing fares twice within a year require drivers to stay online longer. New back-to-back trip feature is taking the freedom out of Uber driving.

Given the drawbacks of these complaints, this Uber driver, who transported the taxi driver, highly respects Uber. He will always go above and beyond to ensure Uber is given praise for their professional service. He thanks Uber for holding recent holiday promotions to reward his great service.

Will Uber be pushed out of ridesharing this year? No way this will happen. Uber is too influential to throw in the white towel without a fight. Uber is the Rocky of ridesharing, the Apple of technology.

We expect Uber will dominant ridesharing for years to come. However, Lyft will remain a competitive force to prevent a monopoly on ride fares.

Uber will continue to expand outward, recruiting new drivers and new clients to join their ride platform. We expect Uber to go IPO as soon as they take residence in downtown Oakland. Invest in Uber; don't miss out on this future stock.