Wednesday, December 23, 2015

You've Been Targeted for Deactivation!

The moment all flags are activated, overall ratings dip below the minimum score allowed, and unreliable feedback arrives, Lyft will deactivate driver accounts without any warning. Lyft is cruel like that; they lack common empathy for their drivers. They don't mediate customer complaints and individual star ratings fairly, instead they choose to deactivate drivers as a remedy for their immense flaws. In our honest opinion, Lyft is unfit to run a ridesharing company.

The only way a driver realizes their account is no longer active is the moment when they attempt to log into the system to drive, and then discover the driver app reads how to become a driver. Around the month of December, Lyft drivers better watch out for unexpected deactivations. Lyft is known to terminate accounts like Arnold does Sarah Connors' in The Terminator movie.

The Lyft Grinch is ready to assign driver accounts for termination. We expect some drivers will receive the "you've been targeted for deactivation" emails as their going-away Christmas presents. Why does Lyft continue to treat their drivers like expendable parts? It is how Lyft operates; they rely on populating their ridesharing platform with the highest rated drivers. In daily summaries, low star rated drivers show "needs improvement" to inform them of an urgent need to improve service.

If you drive for Lyft, or plan to get on the road soon, beware of the Lyft Grinch. Plan ahead to avoid falling into a financial pit. Lyft doesn't care about drivers who don't meet their high expectations. Unfortunately, hundreds of former Lyft drivers fell victim to a flawed rating system.