Wednesday, December 23, 2015

XChange Leasing Program Advantages

If you haven't heard yet, Uber launched a leasing company in 2014 known as XChange Leasing Program. A year after this launch, Uber revised the leasing program to now offer unlimited mileage. This groundbreaking move, unlimited mileage, likely increased overall production, such as hours worked and trips completed.

Existing Uber drivers and future Partners have a unique opportunity to lease new and pre-owned vehicles from approved dealerships participating in this vehicle leasing program. Better yet, pending Partners and those who may consider driving with Uber may qualify to lease these exclusive vehicles. The advantages of leasing vehicles from this Uber program can/will increase earnings.

Uber possibly launched the XChange Leasing Program to assist drivers. As you may know, the cost to operate as a ridesharing driver may impact driving habits. The cost of fuel, repairs, and maintenance can eat up earnings and make a driver unsustainable in their quest to make a living with full-time driving and/or extra money hitting the road on a part-time basis.

A ridesharing company, Lyft, advertises ridesharing as a fun and exciting way to meet new people and make money in the process. The truth is that drivers must adopt safe practices first, and then have fun second. Lyft's relationship with JoinBreeze (vehicle lease program) is not as lucrative as Uber-owned XChange Leasing Program.

The advantages of XChange Leasing Program are free routine maintenance cost (every 5,000 miles - Toyota Care covers this cost up to 25,000 miles), new car with no prior history, reliable vehicle to handle the rigorous demand of ridesharing services, low deposit of $250, better auto insurance (ridesharing specialty insurance), seamless lease payments handled through deductions taken from weekly deposits, debit card, and/or bank account, and protecting personal vehicles that would otherwise depreciate in short time following wear and tear attributed to daily driving on rough roads.

The Uber XChange Leasing Program is the best route to take if drivers plan to drive without interruption. Used cars with 80,000+ miles are more likely to require expensive repairs and maintenance. It is highly recommended to use a new leased vehicle because drivers can return this after 3-years without any worries that their personal ride is on the verge of meltdown. Drive all the miles you want, but if your situation changes to drive less you may want to consider paying to own this lease after 3-years. In a way, this vehicle program can be viewed as a lease-to-own.

Interested in leasing a vehicle to drive with Uber? Ready to take the road and make money as an Uber driver? Visit here to apply with Uber without a vehicle.

Uber on!