Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Uber Impressed Drivers with Holiday Driving Promotions

Thank Uber a million times! This holiday season, Uber made many of their drivers extremely happy. This ride technology app delivered amazing promotions week-after-week to increase driver morale on the road. Four out of five weeks, prior to Christmas, Uber featured hefty promotional incentives.

If Uber doesn't know yet, these weekly promotions could likely identify their best drivers. These cream of the crop drivers delivered hundreds of trips, maintained the highest acceptance rates, worked many hours and averaged the most trips per hour. As a result of these awesome stats, these drivers received a guaranteed hourly match to increase their bottom line.

Despite Lyft drivers receiving commission forgiveness once they exceed 40-50+ hours per week, this recent Uber promotion attached hourly guarantees to trips completed between 70-99 and 100+. Complete 70-99 trips, maintain 90%+ acceptance rate, and 1.5 trips per hour average to get $35 an hour guarantee. Get a guaranteed $40 an hour match after increasing overall trips to 100+.

Serious Uber drivers who dedicated their time and energy to accomplish the recent trip-based promotions would welcome these incentives again in the near future. Uber drivers thank Uber for recognizing their hard work, especially in 2015. The holiday promotions prove the value of merit rewards.

Happy New Year 2016! Uber on!