Saturday, December 26, 2015

Uber driver received 9 requests and 9 cancellations in a row from same rider

UberPool is viewed as a carpooling service to match-up riders traveling in the same direction. Most of the time, UberPool is beneficial to both drivers and riders. For drivers, UberPool means less downtime to retrieve clients (no fares lost making pickups, longer than expected waiting times, and short rides that reduce hourly averages). In regards to clients, surge pricing is thus shared, trips cost less and new friends are made during trips. However, a recent UberPool client took their entitlement to the extreme.

A few weeks ago, an Uber driver transported an Uber client. The trip went well until another UberPool client requested a pickup at the backside of San Francisco. This Uber driver asked his current rider whether they would be fine with adding another rider to their trip. The rider confirmed this second UberPool rider wouldn't be a problem; they welcomed it.

However, this UberPool client canceled the trip within 4 minutes. The driver communicated this cancellation to his rider. The re-routed driver went back on course to deliver their client home. All of a sudden, the same UberPool rider requested another pickup again. In two minutes, he canceled again.

This process of requesting and cancelling the trip occurred 9 times. The rider, who occupied this trip, began to get worried at this strange behavior displayed by an unknown rider. Finally, the requesting and cancelling rider called the driver. He started acting aggressive, threatening the Uber driver.

The entitled rider made it known that he would do something to the driver if he didn't get picked up right away. He never gave his driver a real opportunity to pick him up. Requesting and cancelling the ride 9 times is impacting serious clients who need late night rides back home. Moreover, this rider got mad the Uber driver kept accepting the ride requests. It is the driver's responsibility to accept ride requests. If this driver ignored the ride request 9 times, this could/would impact their acceptance rate. With promotions in effect and high emphasis placed on acceptance rates, this driver couldn't ignore the ride requests.

After this call, the rider - seated in the back - got scared. He worried whether this driver would pick the shady client up. He identified this rider as deranged, possibly dangerous. Luckily, both the driver and rider communicated about this strange occurrence. Their primary goal was to leave Sunset District as quickly as possible. In a way, they both knew this disturbed/disgruntled rider would eventually stop requesting and cancelling trips.

Luckily, the driver avoided this client and delivered his rider home safely. Uber has no blocking feature to keep these rider types from abusing the ride platform. There has to be a mechanism in place that only allows a connecting rider three requests, and then their ride request will be kicked out to another driver. Allowing a rider to request and cancel 9 times is ridiculous. Protecting drivers and riders is most important to keep UberPool safe.

The Uber driver reported this rider issue to Uber. As usual, Uber replied back with their template response to address this matter. Hopefully, this aggressive rider is dealt with to protect co-riders and drivers. On the very same night, a couple exited an UberPool ride because of a belligerent rider. This driver, who experienced the event above, drove this couple safely to their hotel.

It was a strange night for UberPool. The rain, lighting and the full moon may have had an effect on rider behavior. For the most part, UberPool is a safe choice to travel. From time-to-time, UberPool attracts questionable riders to their carpool service. If you experience any challenges during an UberPool, you have the right to inform your driver of this and request an early drop-off. The cost of rides are based on time and distance while occupying an UberPool. Don't worry if you'll be charged for the remainder of the trip to your destination. Drivers can now end trips early.

Use precaution to avoid conflict. If another co-riding UberPool client is bothering you, harassing you, touching you inappropriately and even acting violent, request to end this trip immediately. Don't share your desire to end this trip with the rider/s causing this conflict; it may offend the rider/s and create unwanted problems. Report this infraction to Uber. It is possible you may receive a ride credit.

Drivers dealing with requesting and cancelling riders can accept these ride requests. If they keep requesting and cancelling, then try your best to leave this area. Drivers who are not concerned with their acceptance rate can reject requests from aggressive clients (those who keep requesting, canceling, and threatening drivers). While such events may be hard to experience, drivers must try their best to remain professional throughout this matter.

UberPool on!