Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Thank your riders for showing respect

Have you driven riders who accommodate drivers? Well, there are many of those rider types watching out for drivers. Appreciate these riders because they make ridesharing a fun and exciting experience.

Examples of these riders are those standing in areas where there are no pickup issues (high ticket incidents at light rail, BART, Metro, and other public transportation locations), telling the driver what streets to go down (efficient drop-offs), requesting drop-offs at spots most convenient to drivers (pull over on right side and rider will cross the street), be ready upon arrival, and other accommodations.

When these riders show respect for their drivers, they make ridesharing a rewarding experience. Ridesharing drivers should value these riders; thank them for being awesome.

There are inconsiderate riders unwilling to accommodate drivers. These riders stand near bus stops, next to red zones, in no parking zones, in front of buses, on the side of busy intersections, on extremely busy roads, on the wrong side of "no left turn" streets (Market Street), make drivers wait for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and more, take the wrong ridesharing vehicles (wrong driver and wrong rider), drop pins at destinations rather than pickup addresses (increase driver downtime), leave messes such as sheets, garbage, food, gum, empty bottles, wrappers, and other items behind, talk down to drivers, vomit, yell at drivers, and display other uncourteous behaviors.

Thank the best riders often. Let them know you appreciate them. If they accommodate drivers, tell them thank you for looking out for drivers. These riders matter, especially since they use ridesharing daily and understand the driving risk such as tickets.

Thank you to all respectful riders. We appreciate you very much. Ride on!