Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Get rides on the way back home: New Update

Uber is close to launching a new in-app feature. In this update, Uber can filter out ride requests based on a home address alone. We praise this new update. Uber gets two thumbs up on execution alone.

As a result of this update, the driver app will only choose trips going toward one direction rather than hook drivers into accepting rides traveling into furthermost cities outside of a specific address. The Uber system knows ride destinations, but Uber drivers won't see these addresses until they begin trips.

Filtering out rides to accommodate drivers is an added bonus to give drivers a chance to get rides on the way home. The essential goal is this new update is to prevent drivers from traveling backwards. If these drivers, those who have taken many trips, venture outside of their home destination, they may get tired and this can/may pose a safety risk. Safety matter most.

Perhaps Uber drivers may consider staying online on the way home. The very best ride requests are available during the early morning hours and after midnight. Unless drivers are tired, it makes sense to accept all ride requests on the way home - no matter their destination.

You never know how much you can earn unless you position yourself in the right area. Accept those ride requests in desolate cities that may reward you with a 70-80 mile trip.

Stay safe on the road. Good luck! Uber on!

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