Monday, November 02, 2015

What is the first action Lyft takes after controversial news?

Lyft is quick to pull the deactivation trigger. They'll pull the plug as soon as negative news is reported to them regarding a driver. In these ridesharing cases, the media wins every single time. When has the media helped the ridesharing industry gain positive spotlight? Mostly, never!

Lyft would rather do what is politically correct than what is right. What is right is to mediate an incident between a driver and passenger.

In a past case, a woman is filing a lawsuit against Lyft. This female rider claimed she got sick in a ride and offered to pay her Lyft driver in cash to handle this situation. It is Lyft's policy for drivers to report vomiting riders to them so appropriate charges can be billed to the rider.

However, the woman reported that her driver attempted to physically touch her and made verbal advances toward her. This woman is sharing this story of her Lyft driver acting inappropriately following herself getting ill in the ride? Have we heard the Lyft driver's side of the story yet?

Lyft made sure to offer a statement. In this statement, they mention that they deactivated this driver and will work with the authorities to address this serious matter.

Lyft acts fast to deactivate all drivers involved in negative events. It doesn't matter if these drivers are innocent, Lyft will make it known that their driver accounts are deactivated. As we shared before, Lyft riders are empowered to harm drivers.    

How can this female rider give detailed information post-vomit? The news article mentions that she got ill. Hence, she was probably extremely drunk. If you get drunk, do you remember every detail? Why rush to file a lawsuit against Lyft? Should all people be trusted to tell the truth?

Should Lyft deactivate every driver involved in controversial cases? Nevertheless, some of these ridesharing cases are questionable.

In our opinion, Lyft puts their drivers under the bus to save face. Deactivating drivers is a mainstay at Lyft. It's just another day for them to terminate drivers without providing a valid explanation.

Can Lyft drivers trust Lyft to back them in questionable cases where riders manipulate events for personal gain? What happens when two people - the only witnesses - tell two different sides to a story? For the most part, Lyft almost always sides with the passenger.

Lyft drivers must push back to show Lyft they have a voice. Otherwise, Lyft will make sure to deactivate any driver involved in random events. Soon enough, the details of this Lyft case will be released on media channels online, so we can learn the real truth.

At least we know that Lyft is prepared to terminate their drivers at moment's notice.  Go lyfting today, get terminated tomorrow. That's life on the Lyft ridesharing platform.