Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Apologize for Drivers Misusing Rider Ratings to Ride Profile

We took time today to read some UberPool reviews. One particular UberPool article irked us. We can't believe ridesharing drivers profile their riders via ratings. When these clients need rides, these drivers ignore low-rated client requests to increase their hourly rate. 

We sincerely apologize if you don't get pickups and/or receive a low rating from rude drivers. As a client, you deserve the best possible service. If you want to customize your trips, you have the right to do so. Don't let these drivers make you feel any less for offering to take alternative routes. 

Uber is making constant revisions to improve UberPool. This carpool service is getting much better. Pickup matches are closer. Connecting riders join UberPool along the way. No problem here. 

UberPool destinations are in sequential order. Uber recently released a revision to inform drivers that riders can be dropped-off first, if they are closer. All drivers need to do is request an early drop-off and choose this prompt with an explanation. This new prompt is now available to make these early drop-offs. Thankfully, UberPool clients don't have to go on another scenic adventure.  

Uber clients deserve to get rides. No matter their customer star rating, ride profiling is unethical. There doesn't seem to be any policies in place to penalize drivers for this action. Ridesharing drivers choose to reject rides. Based on what we see, they have the right to operate this way. 

Acceptance rates measure the number of trips each driver accepts and rejects. It rates these drivers on the number of trips they accept, overall and per week. All trips matching particular drivers arrive, giving them 20 seconds to accept trip. If this trip expires, it will be kicked out to the next driver, which it's possible the same driver can receive three requests in a row. 

Ridesharing can choose to accept and/or reject these rides. They also can see the rider rating flash along with a pickup address. This client rating can also be viewed by pressing the virtual "info" button to the upper right side of the driver app. 

Drivers who rely on picking up only high rated clients are missing out on good earnings. Their motivation is to deal with what they believe are the top clients, rather than provide good customer service to make a difference. 

Some drivers are making it known they don't want drivers to socialize with them. They mentioned if these riders talk to them, they will give them 1 star. If they give this rider 1 star to be petty, this action will likely impact riders for future trips.   

Hopefully, you drivers using this ride profiling strategy don't need a trip one day and get rejected based on rating. Hang in there ridesharing riders. We appreciate your business!