Monday, November 09, 2015

UberX Drivers are Required to Drive UberPool Riders

Who gives UberPool rides? UberX drivers service UberPool. Uber depends on UberX drivers to complete UberPool trips. There are no designated UberPool drivers just to provide this carpooling service.

All UberPool requests are given to UberX drivers. If UberX drivers ignore UberPool requests, this will affect their acceptance rate. During hourly promotions, acceptance rates matter most.

All Uber hourly promotions require 90% acceptance per hour. If this acceptance rate falls below a percentage or two, Uber won't match hourly earnings guaranteed during this specific time.

An Uber driver was penalized for rejecting a few UberPool requests while already driving an UberPool client. He made this decision to reject two requests because three previous UberPool requests re-routed this trip off-course and these clients canceled within 5 minutes. The existing client sat longer in this trip, so his driver told him he'll try his best to reduce the travel time.

Rejecting two UberPool requests disqualified this driver for a 2 hour guaranteed promotion. Uber didn't match this driver for missing 90% acceptance rate by one percentage or two.

UberX drivers are required to accept UberPool requests. Uber relies on their UberX drivers to lead the UberPool movement. No designated UberPool drivers are in place to accept all UberPool requests. For the most part, UberX drivers work as hybrid drivers to drive UberX and UberPool clients.

Keep in mind that acceptance rates apply to UberPool requests, no matter if existing riders occupy trip. Rejecting a few UberPool add-on clients per day can impact weekly acceptance rate percentage. Do your best as UberX drivers to accept UberPool requests. UberPool clients depend on your awesome service.