Monday, November 09, 2015

UberPool trip drop-off change

Take UberPool yet? UberPool is becoming the go-to ride in San Francisco. Recent issues with dropping clients off in sequential order rather than closer destinations have been revised to accommodate riders.

Uber drivers can choose to drop off the closer client before making another pickup. It happened before, where the UberPool prompts tell the driver to pick another client up while a current rider has a closer destination. Since this client is likely on surge pricing, it makes sense to drop them off first. 

Driving to pick-up a new rider will increase the cost of an existing trip to a rider. Traveling another 3 minutes to search for a client, and then going to drop-off closer client, would increase the cost of the trip. Surge pricing applies differently for all clients picked up in different areas. 

In a trip, all three clients may have different surge prices. One client 1.5, another 2.0 and the last 3.0. The higher surge is a problem if this client is the first and last. They must go along on this lengthy ride, accumulating charges that may exceed UberX prices. When there is a chance to drop this client off, a driver wants to do this in order to help their client save money. 

However, Uber clarified that clients must be dropped off in sequential order. Upon receiving feedback of this problem, Uber revised this policy to allow drivers to make drop-offs out of sequential order. All drivers have to do is choose the right "info" link on top, and then select which rider they want to drop-off first and pick a reason for this selection. 

Great work Uber for listening to drivers and clients.