Saturday, November 28, 2015

Uber is now charging riders $200 vomit cleaning fee

Do you use Uber often? Are you requesting Uber rides after a night out drinking? Beware that vomiting in these vehicles will influence driver earnings. Keep this in mind; your drivers are unable to continue taking trips after vomit messes. As a result of this, Uber will charge vomiting clients a $200 cleaning fee to help drivers restore their vehicles back to pre-vomit condition.

Drivers are encouraged to write a summary, take photos and submit this vomit incident via the driver app. After vomit episodes, drivers can/will lose valuable time on busy weekend nights. Unfortunately, drivers are expected to perform this cleaning to get back on the road again.

Perhaps, drivers can wait until after the weekend to schedule professional cleaning. If drivers choose this route, they accept their weekend is prematurely done.

Cleaning vomit is an extensive process. Some drivers may regret picking-up drunk riders who spew out acidic contents marinated in alcohol. To say the least, this is an unpleasant experience that no driver deserves to encounter. Let this be known; drunken clients/riders who vomit in multiple Uber rides are a cancer to the ridesharing industry.

Accidents do happen. People can/will get sick for a number of reasons. In the terms and conditions, clients/riders agree to cover cleaning costs.

Take precautions to prevent vomit events. Ask your driver to pull over to vomit on street. Don't be embarrassed to request a vomit bag. Keep this bag closed to avoid spilling vomit inside vehicles.

If you must do so, cancel Uber ride to avoid making a mess. There are plenty of Uber and/or ridesharing services around to give you a ride later on.

Respect your drivers. They rely on driving, as you do with your day job, to make a living.