Monday, November 09, 2015

Tipping Feature in the works in San Francisco Region

According to an Uber client using UberX in the East Bay, he shared that he can tip his drivers in Southern California. He told his driver to look for this tip in his driver account.

Unfortunately, this client can't tips his driver since Uber Headquarters noted that their department is still working on a tipping feature to allow clients to tip drivers. This client will only see his initial trip charged to this Uber client account. No tip for this driver.

Meanwhile, Lyft drivers are enjoying access to tips. The Pink mustache ridesharing company is making it known their app is the only one out there allowing tips. On average, riders are tipping their drivers 60% of the time. To put that in perspective, Lyft drivers are making a bundle.

Lyft drivers already receive free commission beyond 50+ hours. New drivers can earn as much as $1500 and/or $35 an hour servicing San Francisco. This, we believe.

An UberX/UberPool drivers would have to work as much as 70+ hours to clear $1500 per week. We can tell you that driving 70+ hours per week in San Francisco will take a toll on your mind and body.

It is not impossible to drive on average of 10 hours a day to clear $1500 on Uber. Commission, safe ride fees, and airport rolls represent the largest deductions. An UberX driver can make $1500 driving 60 hours a week, but will have the above fees deducted from their account.

One Uber driver completed over 140+ trips in a particular week. Safe ride fee cost this driver $140+. Commission resulted in another $300+. Airport safe ride fees cost this driver another $60.

Lyft drivers are making much more delivering a mediocre ride service. New, inexperienced drivers are populating the San Francisco and Sacramento region without understanding how ridesharing services work. They don't know the area well enough to provide a good service, obviously showing they're nervous upon pickups, during trips and at destinations.

Lyft is guaranteeing new and existing drivers $1500 and $35 per hour for 50+ hours of driving per week. The best drivers on UberX/UberPool won't make close to this amount unless they drive 70+ hours in San Francisco. This high-demand driving in SF would tire them out.

Quite a few SF-based Uber clients require rush service to accommodate their chronic punctuality problems. Even worse, a fair percentage of Uber clients request drivers to travel far to retrieve them and upon arrival they are no-shows. Uber has a problem authorizing cancellation fees to compensate these drivers. It is a known fact that this happens.

It seems acceptable for Uber Support members to hear about no-shows. It is especially bothersome for clients to ignore text messages and calls after their drivers traveled 30-50+ minutes to pick them up. If drivers experience a handful of these no-shows per night, they are losing a lot of money. Don't get us started on the vomit cleanup fee that Uber jips their drivers on. We will cover this later.

We view Lyft as an inferior ridesharing company. Their vehicles, drivers and riders are some of the worst aspects of Lyft. However, Lyft has the best vomit cleanup flat fee charge in all of ridesharing. They also forgive commission past 50 hours, which can give drivers access to $1500 per week without having to drive many hours like Uber drivers. Furthermore, Lyft drivers are receiving tips via a tipping feature.

Uber has yet to integrate a tipping feature, costing their drivers thousands per year in tips. If 60% of riders are tipping, imagine how much money Uber drivers are losing out on with completing 400+ trips per month and over 4,000+ trips per year.

Uber Support will challenge drivers on cancellation fees. They lack respect to understand that Uber clients are putting drivers in tough positions. This immoral behavior is costing drivers valuable fares. It is wrong to allow these no-shows to impact other clients who actually need rides.

Inferiority appears to be playing out well for Lyft. Nevertheless, Lyft can adopt an inferior service with less than bright drivers to win the ridesharing and carpooling game. In the end, the better service in Uber is losing out because they fail to react. At Uber, there is no tipping feature to reward drivers. Unlike Lyft, the Uber app won't start trips upon arrival to reduce no-show issues and pickup address problems. There is no commission forgiveness for drivers exceeding hourly caps per week.

On the Uber platform, you never want any client to vomit in your vehicle. If this happens, Uber will only pay direct cleaning costs and won't cover missed hours that can cost drivers hundreds per incident. Lyft authorizes their drivers to receive $250 per vomit event.

In direct emails, an Uber Support member made it known that Uber would only cover $30-$60 if drivers clean this vomit mess on their own time. If they want to maximize the vomit fee, they can get direct cleaning at a professional place. Who wants to drive around with this vomit in their vehicles to miss making fares and avoid making a profit on cleaning expenses? This is another problem area at Uber, as drivers are coerced into cleaning up nasty vomit to salvage their earnings.

Lyft has it all figured out. Their Prime Time pricing rewards half of this charge to drivers in the form of a tip. Even so, Lyft drivers are given access to a large payout past 50 hours since Lyft is forgiving commission. Lyft drivers have the luxury of getting tips from what Lyft identifies as the only tipping feature available. Moreover, Lyft provides a $250 flat rate cleaning fee to help drivers survive vomit messes.

The obvious choice to select a ridesharing company is right between the lines. Captain Obvious would say Lyft is the prime choice. However, we still believe in Uber enough to suggest driving with them is the best choice. On the contrary, Uber Support need to get with the program to tackle these no-shows and cancellation problems. It makes no sense for drivers to travel 20+ minutes, and then find the client is a no-show. Then, support is quick to side with clients and refuse a cancellation fee.

Furthermore, 30-40+ minutes is invested into no-shows - no compensation for missed earnings. Clients make drivers wait 10-20+ minutes because they are not ready. Moreover, clients drop pins many miles away and don't contact drivers to clarify this mistake.

In essence, it is safe to say that some Uber clients are stiffing their drivers. They don't show any respect. There is no mystery to this debate. We don't have to explain why good clients experience negative driver issues. Drivers face obscurity dealing with problem clients. Whether drivers and/or clients are mentioned in this Uber discussion, a select few don't think beyond their own personal standards. Therefore, we have some bad apples on the driver and client side.

Perhaps, Lyft is the better ridesharing platform for drivers searching for short-term financial gains. Overall, driving with Uber is the better long-term option. Uber has a vehicle leasing program that Lyft hasn't figured out yet. Even more, Uber offers their drivers access to a gas card that Lyft hasn't thought of. We suspect that Uber will soon release an in-app tipping feature before Thanksgiving time. Otherwise, Lyft drivers will make $1750-$2000 per week driving 45-50+ hours per week. As we mentioned before, UberX/UberPool drivers would need to drive 70+ hours to match $1500 per week after commission is deducted.

Lyft drivers will make far more than UberX/UberPool drivers. This is an obvious assessment. If you experience any vomit episodes, avoid them at all cost on the Uber platform. It is likely that these messes will cost you hundreds in lost earnings. At Lyft, don't worry because they will compensate you with a $250 flat rate cleaning fee charged to their violating riders. Lyft drivers enjoy tips, while Uber clients assume all fees are already included in the fare.

Uber clients pay $42 to travel from Berkeley to SFO. Minus commission, toll to driver charge, safe ride and airport fees, UberX drivers are actually make less than $30 taking this 42-45 minute trips. Uber clients tell their drivers, "I don't need to tip you... will be included in this trip." Uber hasn't included any tips in this fare, but drivers won't respond to clients to avoid adverse ratings and feedback. All in all, close airport trips tend to cost drivers money. It is not unheard of to see a driver earn $5 to make an SFO trip following all fees such as $4 airport, Uber commission, and safe ride.

Once upon a time, Berkeley to SFO fares cost $52-54. East Bay and South Bay rate decreases influenced earnings in these regions. Most Uber drivers continue to drive more hours and accept more fares to increase their earning potential. Guaranteed hourly earnings in San Francisco motivate them to drive during these busy times.

Lyft drivers gloat about making higher earnings than Uber drivers. No commision after 50+ hours of driving is giving all Lyft drivers lucrative rewards. Lyft drivers enjoy receiving tips. These Lyft drivers rarely complain after vomit messes.

What Lyft is failing to address is their unfair driver deactivations. They can never fix the mess they caused their best drivers in the past few years. For that reason alone, Lyft is the worst ridesharing company on the planet. No matter how much money drivers can earn at Lyft, there is no mediation to protect drivers on this platform. During every holiday season, Lyft will be sending out deactivation requests to ruin their hard-working drivers. They don't care what happens to these drivers. Imagine how low a driver feels after losing their driving job a few weeks before Christmas?

What about those drivers who Lyft told to purchase new cars and now these drivers can't make their payments post-deactivation. All those extra perks on the Lyft platform mean nothing if drivers can't retain their driving privileges. Tips. No commission. High vomit cleaning fee. Demand Pricing.

It is a proven fact that Lyft will get rid of good drivers based on 4.79 overall ratings (they lowered to 4.59 present time) and some questionable feedback from drunken, antisocial and rude riders. Go ahead new Lyft drivers, risk your future driving with Lyft. See where that high risk will take you.

Uber wins. They have better vehicles, better drivers and a better service. Their drivers may lose in the vomit, commision forgiveness and tipping department, but at least they have job security. Retaining driving privileges matter most to drivers. Lyft will pull the trigger to sink their new and existing drivers. Uber will protect their drivers, giving them the chance to thrive on the Uber ride platform.

Uber is Santa Claus. Lyft is the Grinch.

We anticipate Uber releasing a tipping feature this month.