Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Small Ridesharing player, Wingz, authorized to make San Jose Airport pickups

SFO and Oakland Airport opened their doors to major players Lyft and Uber. Sidecar was the first TNC to sign a contract with a major airport, SFO. However, San Jose Airport, Mineta, blocked access to airport pickups using ridesharing apps, ultimately denying their millions of passengers an affordable ride back home.

A small ridesharing player based out of San Francisco, Wingz, signed the only contract with San Jose Airport, giving them access to both drop-offs and pick-ups at this exclusive Silicon Valley Airport. 

Time will tell whether Uber and Lyft can enter San Jose Airport to make pick-ups. There is no issues with drop-offs, only pick-ups in which drivers may get cited for picking-up riders. 

It makes sense to open doors. Give Lyft and Uber the same opportunities as Wingz and taxi companies. Preventing Uber and Lyft from pickup-up riders at San Jose Airport is basically limiting their transportation needs. SFO and Oakland allowed forward-thinking to influence their approval. 

However, San Jose Airport is being petty. The main losers in this pickup-up block are passengers. As a result of this block, these passengers are now forced to rely on taxis, limo services, and then Wingz

Think forward, not backwards San Jose. Don't block your customers from Lyft and Uber. 

Wingz operates like Sidecar, guaranteeing a flat rate fare price based on time and distance, no matter whether traffic and setbacks delay trips. There is a poor system for ridesharing drivers, who depend on time to make money. Sitting in San Jose traffic could/would impact ride earnings.

Wingz trips originating from Berkeley to SFO are quoted at $50. Uberx trips from Berkeley cost $42-$45.