Monday, November 30, 2015

SFO a Zoo Last night without the Animals!

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel holiday in America. In SFO last night(Sunday), many travelers either departed from this airport and/or returned home. Airport traffic backed up to the maze of 101 South. We estimated this wait to be greater than 1 hour.

Any ridesharing drivers waiting to enter SFO with clients would/could possibly reduce their hourly average, since per minute charges kick-in at 26 cents. Taking a client to SFO from SF, without a surge, on this busy Sunday night, could decrease earning potential.

Unfortunately, ridesharing drivers requested to return back to SFO could wait close to an hour to reach their rider. It is one of those unlikely scenarios in which waiting time represents a disadvantage to drivers and riders, alike. 

Be prepared to experience SFO delays throughout this week. For the most part, travelers are expected to return home from travel destinations. Remember to meet drivers at departure terminals. Coordinate airport pickups with your drivers to prevent citations. Happy travels!