Monday, November 02, 2015

Occupying Seats in UberPool

UberPool keeps track of open seats in rides. If the first two clients request client + 1 join, then additional seating is unavailable to match a third rider. The first rider dictates UberPool seating occupancy.

Requesting client + 1 on first match will allow the second rider to invite a co-rider. However, there won't be any seating available to match a third rider. If the second rider requests a solo ride, then a third rider can still join.

Inputting client and/or client +1 is very important. This information allows the Uber platform to calculate seating occupancy. Two clients with co-riders will occupy all seating.

A flawed system would connect a third rider without there being enough seating to accept them in a ride. Fortunately, UberPool is tracking seating capacity to avoid making connection mistakes.

***Beware of Uber clients who take advantage and bring along +3 co-riders. An Uber driver is unable to accept additional trips based on reaching full seating capacity. Tell these riders to cancel ride and request an UberX.