Friday, November 06, 2015

November Referral Bonus for 20 Trips Completed is Now $600!

Uber revised new driver referral bonus from $300 to $600 for the month of November. This referral is almost 3 times as much as Lyft is giving their new drivers. Get activated, complete 20 trips this month (November), and get $600! It is that easy.

As you may know, Uber is the best ridesharing platform that gives their drivers access to many clients. UberX drivers can drive anywhere in the state of California. However, Lyft drivers are restricted to their service region. They must relocate to work in different regions, such as in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and/or Sacramento.

Uber has a leasing vehicle program (xChange Leasing Program) available at an affordable weekly price. Choose to have lease payment deducted from weekly direct deposits, checking account and/or via credit card. Flexible payment options give drivers the freedom to go on vacations without the hassle of missing payments. Receive access to free maintenance every 5,000 miles up until 25,000 miles. We will cover the details of this service in a later post.

JoinBreeze is a car program that equips Lyft drivers with cars. But on the flip side, this vehicle lease is temporary. It not as flexible. Drivers must schedule times to drive. Basically, you share this lease with other drivers. Lyft has fallen behind in developing a leasing program. Their drivers are still putting wear and terror on their personal vehicles. At least drivers are making $35 an hour and/or $1500 per week driving their personal vehicles. Soon enough, their cars will fall apart.

Uber listened to their drivers. They want them to succeed. For $154 a week, Uber can put you in a new and/or pre-owned vehicle. This calculates out to only $22 per day. Imagine the possibilities of earning more money staying on the road longer with a far more reliable vehicle? You'll lease this vehicle for 3 years, opening new doors up to your earning potential.

Do you live in the Bay Area? Go ahead and follow this signup link. Be sure to get activated soon and complete your 20 trips this month to receive $600! Then, you can devise a strategic plan to make the most of driving with Uber. Uber Headquarters on 311 Vermont Street is open to help you sign up and get on the road soon. Don't be shy to make that money.

Uber has many rewards available, so keep an eye on this program. Access rewards in the driver app.

Choose the real winner! Uber will connect you with the best clients. They allow UberX drivers to service many different areas within California. You can drive as much, or as little as you want.

No schedules. No shifts. Take breaks when you want. Guaranteed hourly promotions during special events, holidays, weekends, and other high demand times.

We encourage you to explore Uber. Keep your dreams thriving one ride at a time. Uber is your key to future success.

Good luck! Uber on!

New driver promotion reduced to $200 as of December 1, 2015. Revised to $300.