Saturday, November 07, 2015

LyftLine starts ride in 1 minute

There is a drawback in using LyftLine. According to a Lyft rider, she shared that LyftLine starts a trip within a minute upon arrival. What if the pin drop and/or the address is wrong? Lyft riders will spend additional money on cancellation fees for untaken trips and/or pay higher fare cost.

Lyft seems to operate in a manner that hurts their riders. Another Lyft rider mentioned that Lyft trips start at the moment a driver arrives at a pickup address. What if this rider is at another location? Well, then the rider is paying for this driver to approach them.

Uber operates a highly ethical UberPool carpooling service. They give their UberPool clients a few minutes to enter a ride. No cancellation charge and/or trip is initiated until the client is deemed no-show after 5 minutes. Drivers don't start trips until the client enters a vehicle.

This is how carpool services should be operated. Even though Lyft is popular, they run their LyftLine using immoral standards. How can they charge the rider upon arrival? Are they expecting riders to be sitting on the curbside waiting for this carpool?

Lyft needs to get with the program. Stop treating your riders like money bags. You claim 60% of all riders are tipping drivers. You allow your ride platform to begin trips without confirming any destinations with riders. Even yet, you don't know if the rider is present at this pickup address. No ride platform is perfect, so it is possible the coordinates are inaccurate. Get with the program Lyft!

LyftLine gets two thumbs down for starting trips within 1 minute upon driver arrival. If this is true, all LyftLine riders are missing out on a better service in UberPool.