Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lyft Getting Cheesier to Increase Ridership: Bieber Promotion

Lyft is trying too hard to get attention. This rideshare company recently joined forces with Justin Bieber to promote Bieber Mode, a moment in which Lyft passengers can purchase Justin Bieber's new album at a discounted price and also receive a future ride credit. Are you serious? Justin Bieber?

"What Do You Mean" Lyft is on Team Bieber? Is this another marketing ploy to convince people your company is hip? Really? We view this new Bieber relationship as a valid attempt to recruit younger riders. Whatever the case, it appears that Lyft is chasing after a young, hip crowd.

Maybe Uber will form a partnership with Adele, the highly popular U.K. musician, who put out Adele 25 - the top album in the world which surpassed N'Sync's opening week world record.

Next up, maybe Lyft will be partnering up with Selena Gomez.

Lyft = obnoxious riders like Justin Bieber
Uber = classy clients like Adele