Monday, November 02, 2015

Late UberPool riders

Late UberPool riders ruin it for responsible Uber clients. They request rides late, and then expect their drivers to hurry up. These late clients influence the remainder of an UberPool trip.

Punctuality is highly important. Some UberPool riders request rides when running late. They expect their drivers to leave behind and/or refuse new ride requests. This is a problem since these late riders should request an UberX to customize trips.

Don't expect Uber drivers to drive like Long Beach Grand Prix race car drivers. Safety is number #1 priority on Uber's ride platform. Request a ride early. Stop pressuring drivers to perform rush service.

UberPool is a carpooling service, not a rush service. Uber drivers are providing a quality service to help clients save on trips and to connect riders with other social riders.

Not social? Don't worry. UberPool doesn't pressure riders to socialize. These riders are not required to engage in conversation with drivers and/or matching riders.

The main concept of UberPool is to match riders going in the same direction, as well as to reduce the cost of travel.