Wednesday, November 04, 2015

How to confirm the name of a client's rider?

Ridesharing services are extremely popular in notable cities. This means that riders in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and other well-known cities use ridesharing services on a regular basis. Clients often request rides for friends, family members and colleagues. 

What is the acceptable way to confirm client accounts with another rider? If clients don't send text messages to inform the driver that they will pick-up another rider, then drivers must request the name of the client to verify client accounts. 

Driver: Hello, how are you doing this evening? 
Client: Fine, thank you. How's driving tonight? 
Driver: It's great. Busy night! Thank you for asking. May I please have your name to verify your account? 
Client, Oh, I'm actually Melissa. Sarah ordered this ride for me. 
Driver: Thank you. You're going to the Rockridge BART station? 
Client: Yes, please. 
Driver: Great! Do you have a time you need to be there by? 
Client: No... ...but thank you for asking. 
Driver: You're welcome. 

This may sound too formal, but the step guide can work to verify clients who requested rides for their friends, family members, colleagues, and other individuals. Following this step-by-step process ensures that you drive the right clients and/or riders. It may get tricky verifying secondary riders, but communicating with these people will fully verify a client account. 

Veteran ridesharing clients usually contact their driver to inform them of another rider. They explain to them the dress attire, name, gender, and height. This information prepares a driver to search for the right rider at the pickup address. The most respectful action of a client is to call and/or text the driver. If this is done, then the driver will have no problem locating a rider. 

Good luck!