Monday, November 23, 2015

Don't allow vomiting riders to get off scot-free

Vomiting riders unfortunately influence the course of ridesharing. These troubled riders ruin the supply of vehicles available on the road, influencing surge and Demand Pricing across ride platforms. Never allow these rider types to get off scot-free after making vomit messes in your vehicle.  

As you may know, a large percentage of ridesharing drivers are responsible enough to maintain clean and safe, operable vehicles to provide the best possible ride service. However, drunken riders are fully aware of their risk to vomit inside cars and should take precautions to reduce these potential accidents. It irks us that riders overlook the contribution of independent contractors providing their personal vehicles to transport them. These vehicles are not company-owned; they are driver-owned.

Ridesharing services are not a company-based service where they maintain a fleet of cars and professional drivers ready to be dispatched on-demand. Ridesharing drivers must pay for their own gas, car washing, detailing, maintenance, repairs, auto insurance and other aspects that are part of this car service.

Ridesharing platforms offer their drivers cleaning expense fees charged to riders. This cleaning fee may help drivers perform cleaning services following vomit messes. No matter how nice and apologetic riders are to you drivers, don't forget the impact of this vomit incident on your livelihood. There is no way a driver can pickup another rider, because continuing to drive with this mess is unprofessional, immoral and unethical. It exposes future riders to this messy vomit.

Eventually, a rider will complain of this bad smell and may even sit in this awful mess. It's terrible to do anything less than the best. Despite operating under less than quality conditions, drivers can't risk  poor ratings and negative feedback. Most of all, drivers must protect the image of their ride platform.

Many drivers who have experienced unexpected vomit disasters realize this could severely impact their financial well-being. They can't drive another passenger until this vehicle is cleaned using car cleaning supplies. Drivers may pay a car detailing shop and/or perform DIY cleaning. For the most part, they could follow a universal code that if they won't sit in this seat no passenger should do so.

The next time a rider vomits in your vehicle, don't hesitate to click on a cleaning fee prompt. Write a description, take pictures and submit this incident to your ridesharing company. These riders will try to apologize, assuming you'll be fine with this mess. Ultimately, you must choose to clean this vomit mess on your own or pay a car cleaning place to perform deep cleaning.

Based on past experiences, we can tell you it is no fun cleaning vomit chunks and foul smelling stomach acids that soil car seats post-vomit accidents. After you give these drunken riders vomit bags to capture their mess, this clear acid may spill on the seat. Once these wasted riders vomit in bags, they leave them on the car seat and/or on the floor to leak everywhere. Some riders don't care enough to think beyond their own selfish needs. They will vomit throughout your car and leave freely.

Drivers, do yourself a favor and report all vomit events. This is the best way to deal with drunken riders. These riders will be charged a cleaning fee, which will teach them to be way more careful the next time around. These vomit mistakes influence ridesharing drivers in which they lose valuable earnings and promotions.

Ridesharing users, keep all of this in mind. Your vomit messes are likely to affect earnings, demand, supply and prices. Communicate with drivers about possible vomit episodes. Ridesharing companies will charge riders account a cleaning fee. Drink responsibly. Most importantly, save yourself money.