Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dear Lyft, Uber also puts their Drivers First!

Lyft released a new radio 98.1 FM commercial spot to recruit additional drivers. In this radio ad, Lyft offered new drivers a $250 bonus to complete qualified trips, access to a ride platform with large ridership and an in-app tipping feature. Dear Lyft, Uber also puts their drivers first!

According to Lyft, 60% of all riders tip their drivers. This voice actor shares that Lyft features this tipping feature because their ride company puts their drivers first. Their subtle poke at Uber is obvious. They know that Uber doesn't feature a tipping feature.

Lyft is manipulating the real facts. They withhold the true reason why they deactivate many great drivers. They've terminated loyal and devoted drivers a few weeks before Christmas. They terminated Military Veterans. Even worse, they gave poor advice to drivers to purchase better vehicles. After deactivation, former Lyft drivers must react fast to avoid sinking. It may take them a year or two to recover from this unplanned termination. Lyft ruined the lives of many former Lyft drivers.

Does Lyft really put their drivers first? They put their top-rated drivers first, the drivers with 4.90+ star ratings. A few years ago, a 4.80 would put a driver on the brink of deactivation. This is when Lyft the "we care" message is a false facade of their real treatment. As of right now, these former Lyft drivers are now performing excellent service with Uber.

Uber is first-class, the cream of the crop. They listen to their drivers. They are open for new suggestions. They don't deactivate drivers, out of the blue, without warning them. Uber understands how to put their drivers first. Their support team is quick to reply back. Based on past responses, Uber support members show a high degree of respect for their drivers.

Uber featured an Uber Appreciation event at the SOMA trucks last week. They gave all drivers and guests $12 each to purchase food and drinks. Uber bonused drivers $600 in the month of November for referring new drivers who completed qualified trips. Driver satisfaction matters on the Uber platform. Uber is by far the most positive ride platform in the world.

Lyft stresses out borderline rated drivers. It is not always the fault of drivers for transporting high risk riders. Why point the finger at good drivers? They're doing their best to provide a quality service. We respect Lyft drivers, but Lyft doesn't show respect for their best drivers.

Frankly, Lyft is clueless to identify their quality drivers. It is no secret that 4.90+ drivers are not always the best drivers. However, there are good drivers sporting 4.80+ and 4.90+ star ratings. Lyft will flag lower rated drivers, some which were hovering at 4.77-4.80 star ratings (2 years ago). Since then, Lyft reduced the minimum rating threshold to 4.60. The damage is done; they can't fix the wildfires they caused through unethical deactivations. These drivers were mistreated, disrespected while driving with Lyft. Plain and simple, Lyft doesn't put their drivers first.

Recently, Uber held a special promotion to honor Uber drivers willing to take part in an amazing offer. Those drivers who completed a certain number of trips per hour, reached total hours minimum, drove in Bay Area service cities, accepted a high percentage of requests, and completed certain hours during high demand times, would qualify to receive this special promotion. In our opinion, Uber introduced this special promotion to reward their hard working drivers.

FYI, Lyft, Uber cares about their drivers. They respect their drivers, giving them access to guaranteed earnings, if all conditions are met. For those drivers who completed all requirements, they've proven they know how to provide a great service and follow directions in receiving these coveted promotions. Just so you know Lyft, your former drivers who you put second are now thriving on Uber's ride platform.

Thank you for treating your past drivers poorly, because Uber is now moving their lifelong dreams forward.

Two thumbs down = Lyft
Two thumbs up     = Uber