Wednesday, November 04, 2015

China Going After Ridesharing Pie

China is also getting into ridesharing services via ridesharing apps. Per Jon Fingas of, China has considered issuing licenses to allow ridesharing services to be performed there. It is noted that Chinese decision makers are interested in devising one draft for all ridesharing entities to follow.

Currently, ridesharing services are big out in China. Interestingly, the Chinese ridesharing movement is similar to that of the United States. Once a popular services such as ridesharing take shape, then legal entities notice this and devise a plan to regular this business. The motivation behind setting regulations and issuing licenses serve to protect the general public.

Unlike U.S. counterparts, ridesharing rules will be straight-to-the-point instead of varying from state-to-state, like American states. Ridesharing laws are different in ensuing states in the United States. California is the first state to adopt ridesharing laws, including insurance and appropriate trade dress standards regulated by CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission).

The expansion of ridesharing in China could boost ridesharing app awareness worldwide. This will give private citizens access to on-demand rides at the touch of a smartphone virtual button. Furthermore, drivers can't work as hybrids - where they drive for more than one service. Many American ridesharing drivers operate under Uber, Lyft and/or Sidecar, any of the two services and/or all three.

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