Friday, October 09, 2015

Verify Client Destinations

Last night, an Uber driver shared his client requested a destination 80 miles away. He verified this address with his client, who admitted making a mistake on this destination almost 80 miles away.

The destination address was identical to a Sacramento county city. If drivers don't verify destinations, they may go in the wrong direction. This extra time and distance will increase the cost of a local ride.

Make sure you verify destinations with clients to promote ride efficiency. When clients offer specific routes, use their directions to accommodate them. It is up to clients to customize their trips.

Clients are known to make mistakes requesting pickups and inputting destinations. These two mix-ups (pickup and destinations) may/can delay trips, increase the time a driver spends with a client and cause frustration between drivers and clients. Out of respect, give clients the benefit of the doubt.

Drivers have nothing to prove. They already provide a valuable service. Nonetheless, most clients realize the high demands of ridesharing services and appreciate their drivers.

In some cases, clients disrespect their drivers. The best way to handle this situation is to rate clients accordingly, and then report them to support.

Remember: verify all destinations to avoid traveling to a wrong location. Save your client time and money, even though they may not reciprocate the same respect.