Tuesday, October 06, 2015

UberPool riders taking advantage

Uber adopted a new system to keep track of the number of riders. Uber drivers can tap the rider icon and/or this rider plus one rider. When the first UberPool rider accepts and enters the ride, then Uber knows how many people are in a particular vehicle.

UberPool riders are taking advantage of this carpooling service. On the weekend, a driver shared that an UberPool rider took three of his friends into an UberPool. By doing this, this Uber client blocked the Uber driver from accepting additional UberPool requests.

This Uber client didn't understand that you can only invite one additional rider in UberPool. It is highly possible this Uber client realizes that you can invite 1 friend only and doesn't care enough to respect this over-seating rule.

Disrespectful Uber clients that refuse to acknowledge UberPool rules should be reported using the Help feature. It is these clients who block access to other riders requesting this carpooling service.

Another problem area in UberPool is a client and another rider requesting their drivers to ignore all requests based on them needing to reach CalTrain, BART, buses, transit services and work on time. As a result of this, repeated UberPool requests are rejected to accommodate this rider. A highly efficient Uber driver is put in a position to change their approach - to not honor UberPool ride requests.

The only way that Uber drivers can fix this UberPool problem is to report these issues to Uber support. Unfortunately, the star rating system keeps Uber drivers on the sideline. They fear client retaliation, where clients who deserve low scores for misusing UberPool are given higher scores.

Feedback is necessary to reduce UberPool over-seating usage. It is unfair for Uber drivers and clients to be put in these situations. Seating policies are established to open up future seats. Whenever an Uber client is bypassing these policies to close these seats down, then other clients are blocked and this impacts all drivers from accepting additional requests.

Just know that we don't live in a perfect world. There are riders willing to affect others. Do the right thing and keep UberPool driving forward.