Friday, October 30, 2015

UberPool is moving carpoolers better

UberPool, a carpooling service under Uber, is matching up rider pickups and destinations rather well. An Uber driver shared that his clients are within 3-4 minutes apart between pickup addresses. Moreover, rider destinations are within 1-5 minutes between drop-offs.

This means UberPool is connecting riders closeby and matching drop-offs close to riders destinations. In the past, once a client approached their destination, UberPool would re-route to retrieve another rider further away. This process would make clients fierce, especially given that Uber required the driver to follow the order of sequence displayed on the Uber driver app.

While on surge pricing, these riders were paying much more for their rider to sit and wait for another pickup. According to Uber, the policy is that Uber drivers must follow the prompts to ensure all riders are picked up and dropped off in the proper order.

What if a rider is a few minutes away from their destination and another request arrives? Can an Uber driver drop them off and go pick up this new rider? No, they can't. The ride app will inform an Uber driver to pick this new rider up, and then drop an existing rider off at their destination.

What happens if there is surge pricing for this first rider? This existing client will pay additional to sit and wait for a second and/or third rider to join. If these new riders don't show up in time, an existing rider will accumulate additional charges at a higher rate.

UberPool is efficient to match up riders that are close in pickup proximity. Furthermore, this UberPool will connect ride destinations with extreme precision.

How can UberPool work for you? Take for example, you must accept a high surge to SFO. If you take an UberX to the SFO under a 3.4X, you may pay close to $95+. However, an UberPool ride with no additional riders may reduce this rate 20%. Two and/or third UberPool clients traveling to SFO can significantly reduce the cost of this SFO trip to 1/3 of the initial cost.

Get comfortable taking UberPool. If you find that connecting with other people is uncomfortable, then consider sitting upfront. You don't have to socialize with UberPool riders.

Happy UberPooling!