Monday, October 26, 2015

San Francisco Safe Ride Fee Increase

Uber charges all UberX clients a $1 safe ride fee. In San Francisco, this safe ride fee has now increased from $1 to $1.35 to support administrative costs such as background checks, safety, and other ride app measures. As you may remember, this $1 safe ride went into effect last year.

There are mixed opinions on this safe ride fee. One Uber client is getting tired of Uber nickel and diming him. He wants transparency, which in return will satisfy his concern over this questionable charge. Another Uber client assumed this safe ride fee went to help drivers who lack access in the tipping department. 

Based on recent Lyft 98.1 radio commercial ads playing in the San Francisco, Lyft states that 60% of their riders tip drivers. They claim that Lyft is the only ridesharing app to allow tips. If 60% of all riders are tipping, imagine how many thousands per year Uber drivers are losing out on. 

Uber hasn't integrated In-app tipping yet, a feature clients continue to question. They want Uber to introduce a tipping feature to reward good service. However, an increase in this safe ride fee is easily manageable. 

Uber drivers who average hundreds of rides per week are paying out a few hundred in safe ride fees. This safe ride fee is calculated into the overall fare price, and then deducted from drivers to cover administrative costs associated with the ridesharing mission. 

San Francisco clients will now pay $1.35 per ride. If using UberPool, all clients as part of this carpool service pay $1.35. Splitting a ride two ways? Three ways? All opted-in clients must pay this $1.35 safe ride fee. From this point forward, all UberX rides will cost an additional $.35. 

Your $1.35 safe ride fee goes to driver background checks, safety improvements, and other costs that support the Uber ridesharing mission.