Monday, October 19, 2015

Ridesharing drivers using vehicles or do they own these cars?

Notice stickers on ridesharing vehicles? Are these vehicles being used to perform ridesharing services at the expense of their respective owners? Must this usage be disclosed to the true owner? It would be seriously immoral to rent a vehicle to rideshare. is a leasing program where people can rent vehicles at various rates. In recent time, we noticed a few of these vehicles occupied with cell phones mounted on dashboards.

It is possible that drivers may be giving rides in these vehicles? Perhaps these vehucles are just personal vehicle owners advertising this car rental company.

In our honest opinion, Uber offers the best car leasing option to avoid deteriorating personal rides. New and pre-owned vehicles can handle the rigorous demands of daily ridesharing on rough roads.

Would you accept the notion of a ridesharing driver using your personal car advertised on to perform ridesharing services? Can a vehicle on get approved on a ride platform such as Lyft and Sidecar? What is the possibility that this can happen?

Interested in renting a nice ride to drive around? GetAround is definitely a reliable, quick vehicle rental service. We don't recommend using these vehicles to perform ridesharing services.

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