Monday, October 19, 2015

iPhone Battery Life Tips

An iPhone and iPod expert prepared an article on about battery tips to lenghen usage. We all know that battery life dictates the way we use our iPhones. As ridesharing drivers rely on battery life to give rides, this article may help them to keep their iPhones operable while on the road. 

Battery life has just as much impact as fuel efficiency. Ridesharing drivers can't continue performing ridesharing services without battery life. Their phones must be actively running to operate a ride app. This means that reducing battery life is inevitable, especially if phones are constantly plugged in throughout time on the road. 

It is only a matter of time before an iPhone will remember the most common capacity point. At this moment, battery capacity may diminish in which there is no longer 100% battery life remaining. Charge phones at 20% or less rather than rush to juice up at 

In this article, the author shares that we shouldn't close out background apps. He claims it is myth that closing out all apps will increase battery usage. He says to avoid this practice. 

More ways to enhance iPhone battery life, as mentioned in this battery tips article:

Bluetooth is identified as a battery drainer. If Bluetooth is not needed, shut this down. 

Limit Internet usage. Surfing the web could drain battery life. Don't always check emails as they arrive in your message box. This practice may indeed influence the battery charge life. 

If all else fails, get an external battery charger. Consider those external chargers at third party stores. As an iPhone user, we rely on Mophie to give us an extra boost. 

Read the following article on battery tips to enhance iPhone usage. Happy Ridesharing!