Tuesday, October 06, 2015

GetGoober.com gets creative against St. Louis Taxi Commission

If you use taxi services in St. Louis, you may have heard of a controversial website known as GetGoober.com. This website, also referred to as Goober, will generate a fake text message to mock St. Louis Taxi services. Once you head to this website, you already know by the Dumb and Dumber Jim Carrey background that you're in for a wild ride.

According to Fox2Now news website, Goober makes fun of the St. Louis Taxi Commission using generated text messages to put the city and taxi services on the hot seat. Of course, this website is all fun and games to show how banning UberX services in St. Louis cheats people of a really good ride service. Are customers in a large city such as St. Louis getting jipped without UberX? Yes they are.

Northern and Southern Californian riders are treated to many UberX rides. Fortunately, U.C. and California State University students can use UberX at anytime, anywhere. A large number of college students depend on UberX to get a safe ride home, even if their distance is less than a half mile away. UberX is the best ride service where excuses are not made, unlike taxi/cab drivers who focus on money rather than customer service.

St. Louis is missing out disallowing this awesome ride service. Not enough good things are said about the value of UberX. The responsible agents of this policy block must try this ride service out before continuing their ban. Unfortunately, St. Louis residents and visitors are losing access to ridesharing services that arrive without constant excuses and delays.

In California, riders are complaining that taxi companies refuse to service their neighborhoods. This rejection includes prime areas near exclusive Oakland's upper developed areas. Taxis may avoid these areas because the cost to travel there lack profit. Oakland and SFO airports from these areas are unappealing to taxi companies. Their dispatchers tell these riders to use another transportation alternative to service their needs. Furthermore, customers shared that most taxis make excuses to drive into the back districts of San Francisco. The usual excuses such as my car is broken and/or that I'm tired would surface to deny these trips.

Imagine the benefit of a fully functional UberX service in St. Louis. We feel the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission is protecting the interest of their archaic monopoly. Rather than improve overall customer service, riders may be given mediocre service because there are limited alternatives to enhance current car services. It is basically the local transit services or taxicabs. Meanwhile, most U.S. cities are thriving because of ridesharing services such as Lyft and UberX. Additionally, Sidecar is making delivery services fun and easy.

Why block innovation? Block change? Restrict ridesharing services? St. Louis should reevaluate their ridesharing ban to open new doors. Please choose innovation over stagnation. Taxi drivers drive around with an entitlement attitude that gets old. Many taxi drivers ignore their riders, don't treat them like real people, and just provide mediocre, basic service. What if you can get a real person interested in you? That would be a great asset in the St. Louis transit market.

UberX is the way to go. If you live in St. Louis and want to try UberX in other cities to see what you're missing, download the Uber app at Uber.com/app and input promo code ts958u to reeive $20 off on your first trip. Then, you can return back home to St. Louis and spread the world on how great this ride service actually is and how it should be implemented in your city.

In the distant future, hopefully you can use UberX to see a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game!

Source: Fox2Now