Friday, October 09, 2015

Furthest Ride Request

A driver servicing Northern California received a ride request from an Uber client. He drove to a dead end road, and then parked at this location. This driver realized that no client could be waiting past this point, where there seemed to be an abandoned military installation on the other side.

Nevertheless, this driver immediately called his client to confirm their location. The client sounded nervous and agitated because spent a significant amount of time trying to secure an Uber at LAX.

What makes this ride request interesting is the distance between the two requests. 400 miles away, the Uber driver is getting connected to a local ride. However, this Uber client is actually waiting at LAX. Several hundred miles separate this Uber driver and client.

It is possible this client resides in Northern California and accidentally requested a ride in a Southern California airport. Fortunately, this Uber driver took the initiative to inform this client on the step to take and that he would cancel the current ride without charging a cancellation fee.

Uber drivers are looking out for the best interest of their clients. In this scenario, the client didn't request a ride to LAX and instead dropped a pin in a Northern Californian city 400 miles north of the intended pickup address.

All in all, this Uber driver exceeded expectations to help his client request a ride at LAX from hundreds of miles away. We're glad to hear that Uber drivers and clients are working together as a team.

Happy weekend Uber users! Request your Uber.

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