Friday, October 09, 2015

Exact Words from Uber Driver on Tips

Uber drivers rarely receive tips. They provide a professional service that exceeds that of their ridesharing counterparts, as well as the taxi industry. As most Uber drivers will share, tips are dry on this ride platform. It is rare for an Uber client to give Uber drivers a tip.

Uber clients appreciate safe and fun rides. However, they won't give drivers a tip. An Uber driver shared that Lyft is on top of the tipping game. "Lyft got it right," this driver said. It means that unprofessional Lyft drivers are getting compensated with tips, Prime Time and higher fares.

Meanwhile, Uber drivers who are in a class above the rest ride low to the ground. Uber drivers continue to enjoy performing ride services with this elite ride technology company. What Lyft and Sidecar lack is that generic name (Uber) that most transit users know the moment it is mentioned.

Taxi drivers and Lyft drivers are making money. Tipping is standard on these platforms. Despite this information, Uber drivers are still making mediocre earnings after commission, safe rides, airport fees and other fees are deducted from their Partner earnings.

Lyft drivers receive most of Prime Time fares, get in-app tips, and enjoy greater frequency of rides. It is sad to say that a classless ride service like Lyft is surpassing UberX in the fare department. UberX should be the frontrunner, but drivers are making much less - especially with recent 15%+ fare decreases in the East Bay and South Bay markets. As a result of this, Uber drivers must compete more rides to match past earnings.

A Lyft driver servicing San Francisco 40 hours a week is making more than UberX drivers working 55-70 hours a week. The Lyft trick is forgiving commission beyond 40 hours. If Uber returned back to their past 5% commission model and/or gave drivers the $1 safe ride fee, drivers could match Lyft. It takes money to keep operable. The less money these drivers earn, the less they drive.

Driving many hours can be mundane for some drivers. It is fun transporting really cool riders. However, this is never the case in large cities such as San Francisco, where quite a few clients are in a rush and tend to be rude toward drivers. They demand their drivers to speed and run red lights. Drivers know this is wrong, so their usual response is they'll do the best they can under the circumstances.

Uber drivers deserve gratuity. They spend a lot of money on tolls, repairs, maintenance, ridesharing insurance, lease and/or car payments, gas, and other expenses. Receiving tips could help them to keep performing ridesharing services at an optimum level.

Join the movement to tip your Uber driver. At least a $1 tip would be greatly appreciated.

Uber on!