Sunday, September 06, 2015

Uber Delivery Service

Uber is on the cusp of launching a delivery service that rivals competitor Sidecar. Sidecar© Deliveries took the delivery world by storm, moving items faster than expected to speed up distribution.

Uber battled Lyft in the ridesharing realm, cutting rates far below driver profit margin. This may have put a stranglehold on Sidecar to survive the ridesharing game.  Sidecar reinvented their ridesharing company, instead choosing to launch Sidecar© Deliveries to reclaim business lost to Uber and Lyft.

As a result of this, Uber is privately developing a pilot delivery service that is about to launch this Fall (rumored). If this delivery service models that of Sidecar, we may see another competitive space that rivals an existing paradigm in mail services.

As UberPool continues to grow in San Francisco, Uber is now chasing after partnerships to claim a piece of the delivery pie in large cities. Watch out mail delivery services, pizza delivery, restaurant delivery and other delivery models. Uber is locked and loaded, ready to enter this space very soon.

Sidecar has already expanded their delivery services well beyond the Bay Area. It seems their new mission is to move packages/items rather than people. Their new website focus (Sidecar© Deliveries) proves that a business model relying upon moving packages is sustainable. Why compete in a space that is ruled by Uber and Lyft? Go after another piece of the pie.

Sidecar probably realized the ridesharing battle would cost them significant resources. Sidecar© Deliveries took shape, changing the traditional route of moving people into delivery products and services. Sidecar's app model revealed a state-of-the-art platform, integrated with features unmatched until now. At this moment, Uber still hasn't repaired their faulty in-app navigation. Moreover, Lyft requires Facebook accounts register new users.

In the delivery space, customers are not complaining like clients do in real-time. Based on the rumor mill, high-end retailers look to join this Uber delivery service. It this doesn't happen soon, Uber is bound to get involved in the deliver service space soon. Expect an announcement this upcoming Fall.

Source: Re/Code