Thursday, September 17, 2015

Uber client, "How can I tip you?"

Another Uber client requested to tip their Uber driver. This client asked whether this tip can be applied to their fare cost on the Uber app. However, the Uber driver informed this client that no tipping feature is available on the ride app.

Uber is the top ride platform in the world. No other ride app company can compete against mega Uber. Nevertheless, Lyft and Sidecar riders are permitted to tip their drivers via the ride apps. But for the most part, UberX/UberPool drivers can only receive cash tips. There is no no in-app tipping feature to reward Uber drivers. It is very rare that Uber clients offer their drivers cash tips.

How much money are Uber drivers losing out on without this tipping feature? We're sure airport riders and tourists would definitely give Uber drivers good tips. Lyft drivers brag and gloat whenever clients tip them. These Pink mustache drivers don't work nearly as hard as Uber drivers.

Perhaps, Uber may release an in-app tipping feature via their ride app. Until then, Uber drivers must keep delivering the best service possible to maintain their clientele. Despire, taxi drivers maintain the same business and give half the service as ridesharing drivers to make 20% or greater in cash and credit card tips.

Speaking on behalf of ridesharing drivers, mostly Uber drivers, they appreciate riders requesting them to take trips. Whenever tips are given out, these drivers appreciate this kind gesture.