Monday, September 14, 2015

Uber Idea: Business Client Reward Program

Uber drivers give business clients many rides to their jobs. Have you noticed how much these clients spend going to and from job sites? We thought of an idea that may corner the ridesharing market.

Starbucks is the premiere coffeehouse. Quite a few Starbucks' employees utilize UberX as their primary work transportation. What puzzles us is how committed these Starbucks' employees are; they pay at least 2.5 hours worth of their daily gross pay to cover business travel. After deducting 2.5 hours from a typical 8.0 hour work day, Starbucks' employees are left with 5.5 hours to cover bill expenses. We're sure these Uber clients use ride service outside of business travel. 

Even though East Bay and South Bay fares are 15 percent cheaper than a month ago and 30 percent cheaper than last summer, these coffee workers spend too much of their earnings on rides. We noticed so many Starbucks morning shift employees paying greater than $10+ to reach work. 

BART services are unavailable during early weekend mornings, so these employees rely on Uber to reach work on-time. Thousands of business riders per day request Uber ride services. 

A possible Uber idea is to develop a business relationship with Starbucks and other popular companies to reward their Uber usage. If employees depend on Uber to travel between work and home, give them access to 20-25 percent off traditional trips when work and home address are inputted into the Uber app upon requesting rides. 

At times, Starbuck employees pay surge pricing. This represents another challenging obstacle for these coffeehouse workers to reach work. Despite this high demand, the cost of daily business travel increases their overall travel budget and influences take home pay. Starbucks employees never complain about the cost of their trips. 

However, some Uber drivers noticed the cost of these trips and calculated how much Starbucks' employees earn per hour, per day. Starbucks makes a difference in our daily lives. We want to see a new incentive program implemented to alleviate their daily travel. 

We respect the dedication and commitment Starbucks employees show day-in and day-out. Please Uber, reach out to Starbucks and other business clients to reward them for being loyal to your ride platform. Help these Uber clients absorb the daily cost of business travel. Forming a relationship and/or partnership with Starbucks is a great start to retain riders and boost daily trips. 

Uber on!