Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sidecar cuts off referral credit for new first time riders

Sidecar abandoned their new rider promotion. Neither drivers nor riders receive any compensation to become Sidecar members. Before the middle of June, Sidecar paid out drivers to refer new riders. New riders received $15, and then this promotion switched to $5 for new rides. For some unknown reason, Sidecar abandoned this new rider promotion.

We believe Sidecar tried to compete in the ridesharing space. When profit margins fell below expectations, the shift to reshape their mission resulted in redistributing resources into building a top notch delivery service. Sidecar is succeeding in moving packages and items.

There is no current need to recruit additional riders. However, Sidecar is still paying out $100 per new driver to perform deliveries. Upon referring these drivers, a referral bonus is awarded to existing and new drivers after 10 trips are completed.

We definitely miss the old Sidecar promo that gave new riders $15 to use toward their first trip. Drivers were compensated with $5 per new rider, credited right away and available for payment.

Want to become a Sidecar© Deliveries driver? Click here to sign up. Use promo code "qjbxk" to activate a potential $100 bonus after completing 10 deliveries. Check with Sidecar for details.

Sidecar Deliveries is only available in exclusive cities. Bay Area cities of Northern California are approved delivery service areas. We expect Sidecar to expand outward into larger cities. This move will increase drivership, build a delivery team that keep products and services moving.