Saturday, September 05, 2015

Should I lease a car from Uber?

Ridesharing drivers are driving their personal vehicles into the ground. To make money ridesharing, drivers must invest a few hundred hours per month on the road. This means they will drive often, daily, and throughout the night. They need access to a reliable vehicle that can handle this demand.

The best times to rideshare are in the early morning, weekend nights, and all day Sunday. Just know that Sunday night is a hit or miss. One Sunday night you may earn $250, but the next Sunday you make $40. It is unpredictable to take risks driving on slow nights.

What if you plan to drive on a weekend? At a particular time? And if this plan goes astray from car breakdowns, broken windows, flat tires and other unexpected events, these drivers will lose money. They may miss an entire month of driving, causing them to possible get deactivated, get bad credit and go bankrupt, in that particular order.

On the Uber platform, drivers must complete at least 1 trip per month to remain active. Personal vehicle issues influence ridesharing earnings, putting drivers in tough positions to take big losses.

However, Uber xChange Leasing Program is stepping into the ridesharing realm to prevent personal vehicle issues. Unlike Lyft and Sidecar, Uber is closing the gap with backing vehicle leasing programs. Uber is paying attention to driver problems, realizing that in order to keep competitive they must ensure their drivers maintain quality rides.

Should existing and prospective Uber drivers consider leasing vehicles using the Uber XChange Leasing program? Yes they should. Ridesharing will ultimately destroy your personal used vehicles. New vehicles can handle the rigorous demands of ridesharing; however, ridesharing thousands of miles using used personal vehicles shellshock them. This excessive driving strains car frames and engines. Brakes and tires wear down. Rocks can project up toward windshields and crack them.

New vehicles can handle more wear and tear. Uber is such a busy ride platform that ride requests are constant. Driving a new and/or newer leased vehicle will open up new income opportunities.

If you haven't joined Uber yet, consider driving on their platform. Already an Uber driver? Submit request to lease vehicle through the Uber dashboard.

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